Our Work

CSEPP is a registered nonprofit consulting firm, serving government and institutional clients both nationally and globally. Our mission is to empower community members, organizational staff, and policy-makers to develop mutually beneficial solutions that promote productive harmony and sustainable development. We achieve this by analyzing impacts and opportunities of clients’ projects in light of the social ecology of a community – the social, cultural, economic, political, physical, and ecological dimensions of community life – and educating others to do the same. As a result, we help move projects towards completion with strong community support. Learn more about our methodsservices, and results.

Our Collaborators

CSEPP is the non-profit company of the JKA Group, which is focused on innovations in social change approaches, education and training, and community service. James Kent Associates is the for-profit company of the JKA Group with a focus on energy development and corridor siting. Natural Borders LLC is our map-making company that creates a range of products based on our unique human geographic mapping.