CSEPP will work with your group to assess community impacts, discover opportunities, facilitate collaboration, and recommend an action plan for your project. We also offer shorter community assessments, mapping, and trainings for your organization. Contact us today for a free consultation, or just to chat.

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[section title=”Community Assessment”]

CSEPP offers three levels of community assessment:
  • Situational Assessments: Description of local communities and a heads-up on citizen issues which will affect the project.
  • Community Assessments: Thorough mapping of community assets, informal networks, and institutional organizations.
  • Social and Economic Analyses and Mitigation: Impacts of proposed major actions are analyzed for expected social and economic effects as per the requirements of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

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[section title=”Issue Management”]

Issue Management: A method of minimizing surprise and disruption

The surprise and disruption are averted by creating a predictable, natural process of communication and action. It is a process of identifying issues in a community and organization and responding to them in a way that addresses the health and integrity of both the community and the proponent of change.

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[section title=”Human Geographic Mapping”]

Human Geographic Maps depict specific bio-social ecosystems and portray the attachment people develop to each other and to the land where they live and work. Social, cultural and economic routines along with the geographic features of an area distinguish one population or cultural area from another.

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[section title=”Training Programs in Social Ecology: The practice of community engagement and Social Risk Management”]

With CSEPP’s on-site, field-based training your organization can:
  • Learn how to predict, identify and use trends to strengthen the organization’s service to the communities they impact
  • Advance culture-based strategies that optimize project ownership within the communities
  • Develop authentic, face-to-face relationships that result in long-term partnerships and resilient communities
  • Enhance community well-being in the course of accomplishing organizational missions

Training Programs Overview