Kevin Preister

Kevin Preister, Executive Director

Kevin founded CSEPP nearly a decade ago and offers expertise in natural resource management, urban rural development, and social service delivery. Central to his experience has been the understanding of the natural systems within human communities that are place-based, geographically-centered, and are responsible for caretaking, survival, and cultural beliefs, traditions, and practices.
Email: kevinpreister@csepp.us

Trish Malone

Trish Malone, Senior Associate

Trish Malone brings expertise in successfully fostering citizen engagement toward creating sustainable change. Her background as a cultural anthropologist provides insight and sensitivity in connecting diverse groups of people and their place with their desire for culturally appropriate planning and implementation. She has seen many levels of project work from project management, coordinator and liaison between citizen groups and formal agencies, community field research, and facilitation of community events and meetings. Email: trishmalone@csepp.us

Luis Ibanez

Luis Ibañez, Senior Associate

Luis has worked on a variety of projects for CSEPP over the years and he brings a matchless style of relating with others that has helped our projects establish trust and positive relations so critical to success. His community fieldwork and research skills are highly valued and he is prized for his ability to elicit stories that offer great insights about why people do what they do. Fluent in both Spanish and English, he has worked on projects related to recreation, conservation, urban re-development and economic development.

James Kent

Jim Kent, Senior Strategist

Jim is the creator of Social Ecology theory and the Discovery Process. His leadership and his creativity over the last five decades have inspired people wherever he has gone. He is known for his innovations, accomplishments and international expertise in empowering partnerships between communities, corporations and governments. He is the founder, developer and theorist of work developed and implemented at the JKA Group, CSEPP’s for-profit partner firm.Email: jkent@jkagroup.com

Erik Tilkemeier

Erik Tilkemeier, Associate

With 30 years of experience in design, planning, operations, development, and project management, Erik’s career has spanned multiple industries and disciplines. Constant to all of his endeavors has been his skill in gathering information through informal networks and implementing strategies to manage issues.

Aubrey Sharp

Aubrey Sharp, Associate

Aubrey Sharp is a Cultural Anthropologist with a diverse scope of work in national and international communities and various projects from post disaster clean up in New Orleans, LA to organizing garbage management in rural communities of Guatemala. She has worked on a Community Dialogue Sub Committee within her own community of Ashland, OR with intent to foster community dialogue and uncover common values and themes from different sectors of the community to better inform public policy decision making. Email: aubreysharp@csepp.us

Caitlin Mezger-Sieg

Caitlin Mezger-Sieg, Associate

Caitlin brings high energy and a commitment to work with people in their settings to hear their stories. She is a graduate of Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Native American Studies. For over eight years Caitlin has been working with communities in areas of empowerment and social change with an emphasis on environmental sustainability, social justice, and local food movements. She has coordinated many community events in areas of women’s empowerment, sustainability and ecology, Native American issues, personal transformation, food, health issues, and outdoor education. Email: caitlinmezgersieg@csepp.us