Focus Areas

Focus areas of the Center for Social Ecology and Public Policy

Energy and Right-of-Way

Alleviate project opposition before disruption occurs

CSEPP builds collaborative relationships at the heart of where public opinion forms: within the informal culture of a community. Rooted in the culture of a place, we facilitate meaningful community input in projects from planning through implementation.

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Social Service Delivery

Co-create solutions with program participants

In a climate of dwindling budgets and ballooning client loads, CSEPP enhances the ability of local residents to make civic government work for them but also the capacity of administrators to recognize and respond to changing social conditions that impact program effectiveness.

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Natural Resource Decision Making

Breathe life into management plans with cultural wisdom

How do people understand and take care of their bio-physical environments? How do we accommodate their knowledge of the land into decisions about future management? CSEPP’s clients integrate cultural knowledge while maintaining healthy ecosystems.

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