Successful land use planning, Phoenix BLM, 2004


  • From 2001 to 2004, our staff worked with the Phoenix office of the BLM to develop a successful land use plan in the contentious Phoenix BLM District, covering several million acres and containing high levels of social diversity;
  • Citizen energy went from a negative place of frustration to cordial working relationship to positive regard.
  • Regional recreation interests were coordinated which reduced conflict between horse users and bicyclers resulting in a regional recreation strategy.Phoenix BLM Phase One Report
  • While BLM tended to look at its lands in terms of resource value, residents were concerned about urban encroachment from Phoenix and appreciated BLM lands as a buffer from development. As these perspectives became better understood over the three year period, BLM gradually accommodated these interests in its land use plan which significantly stabilized community relations.

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